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Recent Fire Activity Highlights Need for Extra Precautions | Home & Garden

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Recent Fire Activity Highlights Need for Extra Precautions
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Recent Fire Activity Highlights Need for Extra Precautions

From Loudoun County Fire and Rescue:


Recent fire activity in Loudoun County has demonstrated common yet avoidable mistakes increase the risk of fire in your home or business.  “The recent extreme heat combined with the lack of precipitation has created a climate for fire,” states Fire-Rescue Chief W. Keith Brower, Jr.

Carelessly discarded smoking materials, improper use of outdoor grills and fires in poorly maintained mulch beds have led to devastating consequences for some Loudoun County citizens. “We hope that by educating the public regarding these fire hazards, they may avoid the catastrophic loss that some of our residents have faced,” said Chief Brower.

Brower urges residents to be vigilant about outdoor activities involving fire, such as backyard grills, campfires, cigarettes and even over-heated lawn equipment. “Mulch, building materials, decks and wooded areas are all potential kindling during arid weather conditions.  Simple precautions can help keep you and your family safe,” Brower said. 

 Outdoor Grilling

·         Only use Propane and charcoal BBQ grills outdoors and never leave grills unattended.

·         Grills should be placed well away from the home, deck railings and out from under eaves and branches.

·         If using a charcoal grill, let the coals completely cool before disposing of them in a metal container.

·         For residents living in condominiums, apartments or multi-family dwellings, the Loudoun County Fire Prevention Code states that all “open flame” cooking grills, to include gas or charcoal grills, hibachis or similar type cooking devices, are prohibited on combustible balconies or within fifteen feet of any combustible construction.

Smoking Materials

·         Use only the provided receptacles to discard your smoking material and matches. Do not throw lit cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco around areas that have been mulched.

Mulch and Landscaping:

·         Provide a minimum of an 18-inch clearance between landscaping mulch beds and combustible building materials. Ensure proper clearance to electric devices, such as decorative lights.

·         Keep landscaping mulch beds moist if possible.

·         Consider using crushed rocks or stones instead of mulch.

·         Turn off all gasoline powered equipment and let cool adequately prior to refueling. 

For more information regarding fire safety please visit www.loudoun.gov/firemarshal or call 703-737-8600.

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