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Photo Gallery | Topless Bakery Delivers Around NoVA and Beyond (Chill Out…It’s Not What You Think)

Native Northern Virginian Elise understands that time can be a rare commodity. Because of this, she brought a high-quality baked goods delivery service to Northern Virginia in April 2010. Topless Bakery provides baked goods that are made-to-order and delivered fresh right to your door...for free! 

Elise delivers her treats to corporate events and private parties, and she is especially busy baking and delivering during the holidays. Topless Bakery has been delivering baked goods to The Soundry in Vienna, Virginia since its opening.

“Baking for me has always been enjoyable, though it wasn’t something that I had done much of in my younger years. When I would bake, it was almost always from scratch, dabbling with pies, tons of cookies, and other assorted treats,” said Elise.

So why the racy name Topless Bakery?

“The idea for the name, Topless Bakery, came well before I even gave much thought to opening my own business. The cupcake boom was just beginning to gain momentum in the Northern Virginia area and I thought to myself, 'if I was making cupcakes, I wouldn’t slather them in icing, I’d fill them up,' said Elise.

And that's just what she did. The Topless Bakery menu incorporates many traditional flavors with fresh fruit fillings and frosting on the inside…hence, topless! The company also adopted the tag line, "It's what's on the inside." All of the items, including topless cupcakes, topless teacakes, minis, naked cookies and whoopies, au natural muffins, coffee cakes, bars, and scones, are baked by Elise from scratch using all-natural and organic ingredients.

“Cupcakes, cakes, and muffins have a sassy appeal with fruit-filled centers or icings that complement rather than overpower the cake. Cookies, bars, scones, and coffee cake come alive with rich chocolates, spicy cinnamon, and sweet and salty combinations,” added Elise.

Is your mouth watering yet? Check out the photo gallery.