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Send a Fashionable Hello
Send a Fashionable Hello

Have you ever opened your mailbox to find a handwritten note? The act of sending a card in the mail is a blissful event for both the writer and receiver. Hanna Nation, owner of the stationary business GADABOUT, is making sure her clients say hello in style. In this interview we talk with Hanna about her ties to DC, her inspirations, and how her stationary is merging with technology. 

You have received coverage in DC publications like Capital Hill Style, Inspiration DC, and most recently with The Washingtonian. Any guesses to why your work has struck a chord with a DC audience?

Hanna: I am so humbled that my work has been welcomed by those publications, each one was an incredible and distinctive experience for me. Having attended Episcopal High School, a boarding school right outside of the city, I have such fond memories there. It was the first place I began to dream of GADABOUT and I know that’s in large part to the city itself. My only guess for my coverage would be that DC resonates with culture and most of my illustrations have cultural tie-ins. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled for it.

I love that your stationary designs cover so many different types fashion. Did you set out to cover such a wide variety (was it a part of a larger plan), or do you find that your interests meandered in such a way that it covered lots of different types of styles?

Hanna: I would love to say I had the opportunity to make a larger plan, but I didn’t. The varying types of clothing designs have all come from an attempt to capture a cultural destination or bring an adjective to an outfit. Because my own interests are so varied, I think that accounts for so many different styles.

Your products all come with a story. Some of them are literary – you make a reference to The Great Gatsby – but, some of the styles are based on a location like Dubai. Can you tell us about your process? Do you think of a word first and then draw it? 

Hanna: My designs have come to me in so many different ways and in so many different places that I think it would be impossible to have just one illustrative process.  Some started off on small notepad in my purse, or were ridiculous ramblings on the pages of my Moleskin agenda. Others were designed more deliberately. I have just as much of a chance to start sketching and settling on a story by the time it is finished as I do discovering a place or word that encourages a design.

Your business offers an iPhone and iPad app that people can download in order to send “stationary” through email or texts. Can you talk about your decision to go in a technological direction with your stationary while offering more traditional products?

Hanna: There is very little I cherish more than a proper invitation or well-written thank you note. My choice to move in a technological direction was my way of bringing a bit of thoughtfulness and design to those everyday events where there isn’t enough time for a formal invitation or you need a quick way to say thank you.

Many thanks to Hanna for talking about fashion, stationary, and business! For more information about GADABOUT go here