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Free Seminars on Best Gardening for Every Season | Events

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Free Seminars on Best Gardening for Every Season
Free Seminars on Best Gardening for Every Season

From Merrifield Garden Center:

These seminars are great ways to learn more about the world of gardening, and they are fun and interesting activities during the winter and early spring months. Here are some free seminars coming up this month:

Saturday, January 21

Merrifield Location- Find Your Garden Style, 10 am

Merrifield Garden Center Design Team

Get an overview of various garden styles, such as Formal, English Cottage, Modern, Japanese, Southern, Naturalistic, etc. Pick your favorite style and learn how to achieve the look with plants and construction.


Fair Oaks Location – How to Grow Houseplants, 10 am

Regina Lanctot, Merrifield Tropical Plant Specialist

If you want to grow beautiful houseplants but don’t think you have a green thumb, this seminar is for you. Regina will supply you with all the confidence and knowledge you’ll need to grow beautiful flowers and lush foliage inside your home. It’s easier than you may think. With proper lighting, watering and a little TLC, anyone can have success.


Gainesville Location- A Gardener’s Calendar, 10 am

David Yost, Merrifield Plant Specialist

Planning ahead is the key to keeping your garden looking its best throughout the year.  This seminar will focus on landscape maintenance, including weeding, pruning and mulching. David also will suggest plants for a four-season palette of color and interest.