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Teen in viral road rage video says driver took it too far | News

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Teen in viral road rage video says driver took it too far

STERLING, Va. (WUSA9) -- The teenager featured in a viral road rage video seen more than a quarter of a million people online admits he was still in the crosswalk when the walk sign changed while walking home from school last Thursday, but that didn't excuse the behavior of the driver who nearly hit him.

"I definitely wasn't perfect. I definitely had a hand to play in this, but he sort of took it too far when he got out of the car and was threatening me," fifteen-year-old Alex Steere told WUSA9 on Tuesday. "He started screaming profanity at me, and he threatened to knock my head off."

The entire nine minute episode was caught on camera by Mike Crawford, a passing motorcyclist with a helmet camera, who stopped when he heard the driver of the jeep start yelling.

Viral video captures Loudoun County road-rage incident

Today, Steere and his father Jeff both thanked Crawford for bothering to stop at all; crediting his presence with the ultimately peaceful conclusion of the incident.

"The fact that he stood up, came to the rescue and involved himself in something that most people would have just kept on going," Jeff Steere said.

The elder Steere said he brought the incident to the attention of his son's principal, and the school's resource officer. He said he also sent a note to the county prosecutor, asking for an investigation into the incident, which ended with all parties being sent home and no police report filed.

"I'm not looking to rub this guy's nose in dirt," Jeff Steere said. "I think I'd like to see him do community service and be a crosswalk guard for a while."

A spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff's department did not respond to a request for comment on the investigation on Tuesday.

The driver of the Jeep says his name on the video, but WUSA9's attempts to track down a person by that name in Northern Virginia have thus far been unsuccessful.

Steere, a former driving instructor, said the entire incident should serve as a lesson for drivers to be more careful in crosswalks – particularly at busy intersections like Cascades Parkway and Algonkian in Sterling. He also gave a candid assessment of how the Jeep's driver would have done as one of his students.

"He would have failed," Steere said.

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